3 Tips to Avoid Tilting at The Poker Table

3 Tips to Avoid Tilting at The Poker Table

Look At the Positives

While it’s never easy to accept a loss, especially when it’s against the odds, it’s important to see and appreciate the position you had put yourself in was through good player yourself. Accepting bad beats as part of the game will allow you to avoid your bad luck turning into bad play. If you can muster up the grace to even congratulate your opponent or at least not show any frustration, which may help your cause. Ultimately, you don’t want to discourage the opponent from continuing to play the way they just did. Just like a broken clock is correct twice a day, a bad player is going to win some big pots from time to time.

Know When to Stop

I appreciate that sometimes it is easier said than done when it comes to handling your emotions at the table. However, if you are able to learn to step away and even call it quits for the day and perhaps take a loss, then it’ll surely save you losing far more. Ego often pushes a person to chase back what they’ve lost and doing so hastily usually leads a player to forgetting their calculated strategic approach. No one wins 365 days of the year even if you play at the best online casino Malaysia.

Gain Perspective

I think many players today adopt a strategy that leaves them completely drained. Playing over 10 hours a day, every day of the week. This really isn’t healthy. Playing as many as hours possible, won’t necessarily increase your profit. The mental and physical effect this will have on a person probably isn’t realized enough. I would encourage anybody to partake in exercise a few times a week; allowing you to reduce stress levels and find more energy. Not only will this help you take a bad beat better, but I think it’ll significantly aid your game.

I would discourage setting short term targets. Any short-term results can be misleading and push you into playing badly. This pressure needs to be removed. Other hobbies and interest should be explored. If you’re playing with a smile on your face, then you’re half way there.

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