Bali is really holding to its shore tourism, but in fact there are also lots of exotic natural Balinese beauties which vary from hills, waterfalls, to ethnic tourism in Trunyan, but to Bali it isn’t complete if you do not like the beaches. Andas an international Traveller destination, virtually all beaches in Bali have been subjected. But there are numerous beaches in Bali which are not overly crowded and seldom known, but they’re beautiful.

NyangNyang Beach

Nyang-nyang Beach is close to the Uluwatu temple. This beach remains quiet, so its attractiveness has not been obscured from the bustle and hustle of the audience! P To get at this beach even Boboers must pass a Ladder that is high enough from a mountain. But do not be scared of being tired, although it must be drained but the exhaustion is worth itwhite sand with the waves Of the Indian Ocean with green hills is very pleasing to the eye. Particularly If Boboers enjoy surfing the waves on this beach are ideal for surfing.

Balangan Beach

One of the other exotic and never too crowded. The seawater Is Quite blue, feels like Swimming in the skies. The ocean and its shores are embellished with coral reefs, making the panorama on the beach look great. Additionally into the beauty of this pristine beaches, Balangan can be a favored place for world-class surfers. This can be supported by high and hard waves.

Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is located right under the Limestone mountain, to achieve it Boboers will pass through some narrow alleys that Are inhabited by villas, then down a couple of dozen measures that are flanked by Small restaurants with views straight off the coast. The Ideal time to enjoy this beach is during the day or at high tide, because if the very low tide Boboers cannot be fulfilled to appreciate its beauty since the beach is covered with coral.

Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach has the beauty of coral reefs, big waves, along with very clean seawater, using a turquoise color. Beach lips beneath the valley created Boboers look like that beach from behind the cave.

However, to reach the Green Bowl beach the Boboers have to go down hundreds of steps, so it really requires extra battle. But exhaustion will pay off when the Boboers have reached the shore area which is still very clean and natural with white sand.

Tegal Wangi Beach

This beach with white sand that’s not too broad is situated in AdatJimbaran Village, District of South Kuta. As compared to other beaches in South Bali Tegalwangi isn’t famed for its broad expanse of White sand or turquoise blue. This beach is renowned for its beachfront Beauty, along with a solid coral reef add into the exotic of this shore.

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