Online casinos come with different games that you may choose from. Therefore, you have to search for the specific game you are looking for and either download or play. However, you won’t find it easy if you want to search for one particular game.

Mostly, the search procedure can be frustrating and tiring. But this can be as simple as you want it if you have the right information on what you need before locating a casino game quickly. 

In this article, we have some of the essential steps you can take to make this easy.

Check the game menu

Almost every online casino Malaysia has a game menu on the home interface. Once you log in to your account or register if you haven’t created one, you will get directed to a home interface. There you will locate a section indicated as the game menu.

Now you may experience challenges with the game menu, especially if the casino has a lot of games. If there are a few games, you may have an easy time looking for the specific game you want to play. However, casinos with a lot of games also have search sections that can make it easy to look for a game.

Check the categories

As a means of making their websites more user friendly, casino game website owners are making sure they put the games into categories. For example, you will find some put under the video slots, other in classic 3-reel slots, or progressive jackpot slots.

Primarily, these efforts should make it easy for new players to find their favorite games with ease. Within the categories, you will find subcategories and even the games in alphabetical order. Therefore, you will not struggle to find a game within the website.

Check for logos option

One more way you can locate a game easily is by checking for logos. However, this works well when you already know the game well and can identify it even without its name displayed.

Every casino ensures that its logo is unique from its competitors; therefore, there is a low risk of getting mixed up.

Also, some casinos allow you to select how you want to search for a particular game. If you are sure you can use logos to locate a game quickly, you should choose the logo option. 

The other ways of finding games will disappear, and logos will get displayed in large formats to ensure you identify them quickly.


Locating casino games can be a daunting task, as mentioned earlier. However, after reading this article, you do not have to find it challenging to search for a game on the w88 website or any other casino game site.