In casinos, roulette is quite popular as it is not a complicated game. For new people, it may look like a complex game, when they view players at the busy table placing chips all over. It is practically a straightforward and entertaining game.

On Betufa, you can play live roulette and enjoy the thrills of winning, but first understand the game rules to help you start on the right foot.

The two components of a roulette table are –

  • The wheel – There are many numbered pockets called compartments. You will see black or red-colored numbers ranging from 1 to 36. The zero number is in green color. Some game variations have double zero in green.
  • Betting board – The different bets accessible are listed on the betting board. The players put their chips on a chosen bet.

The wheel and a small ball determine each round outcome when the former is spun. The ball randomly falls into a numbered pocket, which is the result.

Numbers sequence is dissimilar depending on the version. However, the wagers available are generally the same but some latest versions offer extra options.

Roulette game rules

  • Each bet represents a single or group of numbers along with pre-defined odds attached.
  • Choose bet or bets before every spin.
  • Bet on multiple different combinations, if the resultant number gets covered then every winning payout is according to the corresponding odds.
  • After all the bets get settled, bets can be placed for the following spin.

At the land-based casino, you will need to exchange cash for chips before you wager at the roulette table. You can learn to play roulette online before visiting the land casino. Many online sites allow you to practice the game for free, so you can gain knowledge without extra pressure from surrounding and noisy crowd.