There are many people interested in playing casino games online today. So to keep up with increasing demands, the number of online casinos has increased as well. As a result, there is heavy competition between the different online casinos,and they do many things to attract players and keep them coming back for more.

Why casinos give bonuses

Because there are so many casinos available online, so it’s just not enough to have good games and a good reputation anymore, casino bonusplays a big role in attracting customers from websites such as melhores casas de apostas. This is especially true for new casinos that have to compete with established casinos that have builtto reach the same status by proving customers that they are as honest. These new casinos often have to rely on only a good marketing strategy and very good sign up bonuses to attract customers.

How can they help you?

A casino bonus is definitely in favor of the customer as they get free plays or even extra money as soon as they sign up and deposit money for the first time. But does that mean that you can deposit the money then get the bonus and then simply cash out? The answer is no, of course not. No casino can operate this way without going out of business. So, the money is not given to you outright, you cannot cash it out, but you can play with it.

This mightn’t seem like much, but this gives you the opportunity to play more and thus win more. Also if you are a regular player, then you will be rewarded for it. The casino will probably give you chances to put some wagers for free or extra money or other similar things. These rewards will be given to you as part of some promotional event or when you cross certain thresholds in total deposited money or total wagers placed etc.

Be cautious

Bonuses are well and good, but that shouldn’t be the only criteria for choosing a casino. If a casino is providing way too much money as a bonus, then they must be desperate,or there could be something sinister going on. You can check for good casinos at