Playing Mahjong is one of the most fun ways to spend a time and how to play Mahjong is an important part of this. The different kinds of Mahjong are based on the different playing rules. It is the basic game in which players use their fingers to determine how much money to bet and the next moves they make. The complete rules and arrangement of rules for the game can be found in the official site of the game. It is interesting to know that situs judi online the original plan of the game was for the players to use a stack of cards to determine the tiles and the money on the top.

However, it is not the end of the story as the game is made to be exciting for many years, it was decided to create a new game that is based on the rules of playing jacks and again using a stack of cards. This time the choice of playing was that the player starts from one tile and then they proceed in one of the following manners. Firstly, they can place a tile and then move it up to the top and this is a starting tile. Then they can use this same tile to place a second tile. This could be the last tile of the game and also the starting tile. Then, the player can either take another starting tile or he can wait for the first of the next step.

When the player starts to place the tile, he uses a piece of paper with a mark. This mark is used to know the best way to place the tiles. The next step would be to check which tile is still there and the player has to continue placing tiles. The starting tile would be checked again if the player decides to go ahead and move the tile. The player can either stop or continue his move depending on the outcome of the game.