JoJo Part 9 Confirmed – Meet JoJo Lands!

JoJo Part 9 Confirmed – Meet JoJo Lands!

Last August (2021) a significant event happened. Part 8 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is out after a long pause. Its author, Hirohiko Araki, announced the following part, indicating this in his message to fans of the franchise: “Thank you for 10 years of reading JoJolion! See you, JOJOLANDS!”.

And now, a little time has passed, and in 2022 we can confidently answer the question, is part 9 of JoJo confirmed? Yes. It has officially been released.

New Main Character

Surely everyone already knows that the main feature of the JoJo franchise is the frequent change of characters. There is even an opinion that the fans understood the patterns by which Araki chooses the protagonist and begins to build theories about who will be the main character of JoJo part 9 confirmed.

However, it is known that the character is likely to collect the traits and makings of several protagonists from the last seasons, like Jotaro

and twins Jolyne and Jormo. However, let’s not forget that the author is Araki, and he knows how to surprise his readers. We have about a dozen hidden Josters who can be new protagonists.

Where Will It Be

It’s hard to say where Araki will move the characters this time around. We know that for each part, he was inspired by his travels and then displayed these places in parts of JoJo: Egypt, Italy, USA. Before part 9 JoJo confirmed, Araki mentioned a desire to visit Northern Scotland. However, this does not mean that the place of action will take place there.

Pay attention to the name of the previous part — Jojollion. If you follow this logic, then JOJOLANDS assumes some kind of trip around the world, and the action will take place in several places at once. And it is quite possible that readers will travel to the Southwestern lands of the Pacific Ocean.

What Will the Story Be About?

Araki said that he had thought of the plot of the entire franchise long before JoJo was part 9 confirmed. And it is quite possible that the story will tell about the new generation of the Zepel family who practiced executions.

It is also possible that the new chapter will show what will happen to Tsuruki after the curse is lifted. It is also possible that Joseph is still alive and Josuke’s main purpose has not yet been fulfilled. So there might be a flashback.

There are rumors that Araki wants to make a prequel to Part 8 and delve into some of the concepts like Rock People, supernatural forces, and Rakaka. We never found out how this fruit appeared, and we did not know anything.