Betting industry in African countries is rapidly gaining popularity, moreover, according to several surveys, Kenya has remained a hands-down leader for the past few years. Young people aged 17-35 are the ones mainly engaged in gambling activity. Approximately 54% of respondents claimed to have tried betting at least once in their life. In Kenya, interestingly, their number is even more impressive – 76%. Inhabitants of Ghana showed the most positive statistics as solely 42% of respondents turned out to be bettors.

Geopoll, a respectable company specializing in holding social polls stated that the vast majority of respondents place bets at least once a week, and spend around $50 per month for this end. The poll results come as a shock taking into account that the percentage of poverty in Africa is the highest in the world. Apart from that, most of the players surveyed appeared to be unemployed and their bets often did not pay off. Kenyans also find watching football on weekends a particularly exciting hobby, that is why they usually make bets at this time.

Lately, mobile apps have become a convenient platform making betting way easier and available anywhere, thus the youth is actively using different apps. Bookmaking offices started inculcating new technologies to attract more clients and, relatively, get a bigger income. Over 75% of bets in Kenya are placed with the help of mobile applications. Therefore, experts have come to the conclusion that demand for football betting is arising along with the population growth and Internet availability in the country. The gambling industry in Kenya is constantly developing and expanding. Bets there are not that high, though, but African countries show high potential and overall interest in this activity. As mobile technologies are being improved day by day experts expect a further increase in bettors around the continent.

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