It’s an undeniable fact that the online gamblers are deprived of the amazing ambiance of the landed casinos however, they enjoy betting from the comfort of their home or from anywhere else with a minimum internet connection and from any device. From person to person, the likes and dislikes vary. If you enjoy judi online24jam more than visiting a landed casino, then you have your shares of likings that any other gambler might oppose.

So, let’s have a friendly contest in between the online gambling & landed casinos


Casino-goers are fond of the ambiance of the magical places. They love being attended by the hosts and served by the gorgeous waitresses at the tables. They get to experience the presence of live dealers managing the tables along with various other bettors. At casinos, the waitresses serve guests fine drinks and finger dishes. There they have a full bar open for the guests where they can wait with a drink when the table is fully booked.

However, the online gamblers betting virtually don’t get the feel of visiting a casino yet they enjoy various facilities. Many online casinos play the background theme music for enhancing the ambiance. They also have live bettors even on the virtual field to bet on the spot.


To visit a casino, the bettors have to drive down there. Often they have to wait for the weekend or a long vacation to Las Vegas or Atlanta City when they get the opportunity to visit a casino. Visiting the casinos is also expensive. You have to purchase a few rounds of drinks while betting. You have to offer some tips to the bar, waitress, and the live dealer.

However, if you compare, the feasibilities of online casinos are more than landed casinos. You can play anytime and from anywhere without reaching a casino.

Enjoy free bonuses, easy withdrawals, and enjoy saving money by opting for online gambling.