Poker has been doing the rounds in the market for more than 200 years. But, online poker is a relatively new game. It came into existence only in the year 1998 and Planet Poker was the only one which was doing the rounds. With a passage of time, more and more online poker rooms got introduced and in the year 1999, Paradise Poker got into the scenario. In the year 2000, Poker Spot was introduced and begun to view some troubles related to the collection of deposits from the credit. Afterward, it went out from the scene. In 2001, a couple of online poker firms made their entries and they were Poker Stars and Party Poker.

Poker Stars begun to earn huge popularity due to its online poker contests. In the year 2003, Paradise Poker became dominant. During this year only, Party Poker made the introduction of television advertising campaign. With the passage of time, online poker has become excessively important and it is continuously growing heavily. The advertising movement of Party Poker turned into a huge hit. Additionally, their launching of Party Poker Milton also earned huge success. Today, the industry of online poker is considered the most popular and it has started drawing huge attention from countless gambling lovers because of many lucrative games, like Pot Limit Omaha.

The craze of online poker tournaments

The online poker tournaments are extremely exciting and there are various kinds of tournaments available on the internet plus on different poker variations which can be easily played in one tournament setting. When you are playing poker in an online tournament you are needed to pay a fee to get an entry. However, for this entry fee, you will be able to get some poker chips. The entry fees are used for creating the tournament prize. Players do play a particular variety of poker for the tenure of the tournament. During the end, the player who has got the maximum number of poker chips does win and takes the prize.

As the prize gets created only from the entry fees, so the entry fee tends to be larger when there are more people involved. There are some poker sites that ensure a minimum prize regardless of the number of people who enter. The online poker tournaments are obtainable in various poker game variations and one of the most prevalent tournament games is known as Texas Holdem poker. As a matter of fact, tournaments are also accessible in various other poker games, like Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw, Caribbean Stud etc.

Online poker is devoid of any risk

There are many people who think playing online poker is risky because of some personal financial security reasons. However, many online poker sites don’t require any investment of money. There, you can play many poker games, like Pot Limit Omaha absolutely free by making use of downloads which are being offered by the website and you aren’t needed to make a deposit. Though it is an enjoyable activity to play free poker game, yet the real excitement comes when you provide your skills an opportunity to win some earnings.