4D Toto is a long-standing lottery game in Singapore. Many consider 4D online betting as a great way of making some extra money.

Consequently, with the continuous advances in technology, bettors can now play 4D Toto online. 4D Singapore online is now available to players, offering safety and convenience for the public, particularly in this time of a global health crisis.

But while the game is popular in Singapore and its neighboring countries, other people still do not know how the 4D lottery works. This article provides some basics to help you get started with your 4D lottery adventure.


What is 4D?

4D Toto is a four-digit game anyone over 18 can play. Players can choose any number between 0000 and 9999, then decide which draw they want to play. They can place bets one week ahead of the draw and until six in the evening on the draw day. In addition, they can place a bet on a single draw, two consecutive draws, or three consecutive draws, depending on their gambling strategy.

Generally, the draw for the 4D lottery happens every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, and twenty-three numbers are drawn that fall into five categories:1st Prize, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize, Starter, and Consolation.


4D Betting Types

4D bettors have the option to place small or big bets on all 4D games. The difference between the two bets is that with big bets, bettors can win if their numbers are included in the 23 four-digit numbers drawn on that night. On the other hand, with small bets, bettors will only win a prize if their number lands on one of the three top winning numbers (the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prizes).


5 Ways to Play 4D

Aside from knowing how to win a prize, bettors also need to learn the different ways they can play 4D. There are five ways 4D can be played: Ordinary, 4D Roll, System Entry, iBet, and Quick Pick.

Ordinary is the most popular way to play 4D, as this essentially lets the bettors place wagers on their chosen 4-digit number.

In 4D Roll, bettors will be betting for ten different entries. They will use “R” to replace any number in their chosen 4-digit number. For instance, they want to bet 234R; they are betting for 2340, 2341, 2342,…2349.

When bettors choose to play 4D using System Entry, they bet on all possible combinations or permutations of their preferred numbers. For example, they bet on 1234; then they will be betting on all 24 combinations of the number (1234, 4321, 3214, etc.)

iBet is similar to how system entry works but with a twist. In iBet, bettors can stretch out their $1 bet, regardless of how many permutations their 4-digit number has. Accordingly, the difference between iBet and system entry, the former offers less payout than the latter.

Lastly, bettors can place 4D bets using the quick pick. In this 4D betting, bettors can place a bet on a random number generated by a computer.


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