Those well versed in the betting scene will already be familiar with accumulators. For the uninitiated, they are a way of combining multiple single bets into one with higher-than-normal odds. The catch is that if any one of those individual bets fails, then the whole accumulator is lost. Accumulators are popular because they offer a low-risk, high reward betting model, though the chances of them coming through are lower the more selections are added. They are typically used on weekends where there is a wealth of games to choose from and act as a great introduction to betting for the beginner.

In the UK, accumulator betting has become incredibly popular with the term ‘acca’ becoming commonplace. The excitement value in them comes from having multiple bets running at the same time as, often, these games take place around the same time. Accumulators are generally not limited to any one league, and some betting sites, like the ones at, may allow you to make selections from competitions around the world to create the perfect accumulator. Despite how easy it may seem to create a winning one, the truth is that they are exceedingly difficult to come through, which admittedly does add to the experience of them. But how can you create accas that win consistently?

As with all gambling, it is difficult to win consistently. However, certain things can be done to increase your chances of winning, especially with accas. One major thing to do would be to concentrate on home wins. Around 48% of all football matches end with the home team taking the win, and when compared to the comparative loss and draw percentages, there is a clear advantage with going with the majority option. Using form tables and statistics is also a sure-fire way to make informed decisions about a selection. For example, if Manchester City won their last 5 games and scored an average of 2 goals in each, it would be safe to put City to win and score 2+ goals into the accumulator. Of course, this is context-dependent as these 5 teams may have been low in the table, but that is why tables and stats are great for a guide only.

By far the most useful thing to remember when choosing selections for an accumulator is to keep it simple. High odd selections might be tempting to add to an acca to boost it to astronomical odds, but these would be better off used in singles. It is important to remember that in an acca, you want certainty. Backing a team you support is also dangerous as it can cause you to resent them if they lose and money is on the line. Best to remain neutral and choose teams you have no investment in.

By following these tips, you are likely to increase your chances of securing that winning acca and experienced the (hopefully) high payout that comes with it.