Slots have always been at the top of the list of the most popular online casino games. Players can play them at traditional and online casinos.

Slots have always been at the top of the list of the most popular online casino games. Players can play them at traditional and online casinos. But the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has become a golden time for most online gambling platforms. A huge number of gamers have moved from land-based gambling establishments to online casinos being able to choose free online slot games.

Experienced players know that the differences between virtual and real slots are quite small. Both of these slot machines use the same reels, symbols, and the same games can be played on them. But since there are so many similarities between them, which ones are better?

Operating Principle

The development of online games was accompanied by a soft transition from land-based casinos to virtual ones because slot machines in ordinary casinos have long been using digital technologies and computer programs. Most newbies are surprised to learn that slot machines in land-based casinos are just a simple controlled computer chip with a built-in random number generator. Therefore, the principle of operation of slot machines in land-based and virtual casinos is almost identical because it is based on the same principles.

Gaming Experience

Of course, the atmosphere in land-based casinos has its indescribable charm, saturated with excitement and adrenaline. However, the picturesque and high-quality graphics of online slots, combined with musical effects, can convey this atmosphere as realistically as possible.

But a compelling advantage of virtual slot machines is the ability to take a break at any time. A comfortable home atmosphere and a lack of worries (after all, you are in a familiar environment) will help you have a smooth and interesting gaming experience. Nobody will occupy your slot machine while you are away at the computer or answering a phone call.

Online or Terrestrial: Pros and Cons

  • Free slot games

Have you ever seen a free slot machine in a land-based casino? Guess not. In turn, online casinos provide access to free games on different slots. Just select the demo version and enjoy the same game without risking losing any of your money. You can try to play different types of games, see what they are, and learn their principles. After you find those that you like, you can start playing for real money.

  • Availability

It is unlikely that every slot lover lives close to a gambling establishment. Not many gamblers are lucky enough to live within walking distance from the casino. When playing slots on the Internet, you do not go to the casino, but the casino comes to you.

  • Security and anonymity

Of course, the atmosphere of a land-based casino, bright lights inside, and a beautiful interior— all this captivates and amazes. But when you play in a land-based casino, everyone can look at you and see how much you won or how much money you have left in your wallet.

When playing online, all the money stored in your account and all the amounts you win are known only to you and the casino.