Covid caused a lot of businesses to take the step to moving online due to having to close the doors to customers because of the pandemic, the gambling industry was hit quite hard by this decision and especially bingo halls seeing as most of their business was land-based with near enough no online presence. There are now a lot of bingo halls online like some of these options which are now some of the most popular platforms for bingo players to visit. Taking the step to move bingo online has worked out well for the industry with them now having more players than ever before. There are a lot of other bingo companies now taking the decision to move online after seeing other companies have a lot of success from it. A lot of online bingo games now feature chat rooms for players to socialise and get the feel of a bingo hall once again, some even have the option to invite friends of families into the game that you are currently playing together so you can all play the same game. These little additions are great for players with it making them feel like they are once again back at the bingo hall with their friends socialising once again.

Online bingo is now up there with being as popular as online casinos, it has recently had more new players than ever before due to being so easy and fun to access. There are however some players that have not been able to keep on playing bingo due to not having a smartphone or laptop / tablet available to play on, so it is great to now see that bingo halls are open once again due to lockdowns being eased. This is great news for many players as bingo halls are a way of life for some people with them spending a lot of time there to socialise with friends or family. Bingo companies are now looking to keep an online presence but also open up bingo halls once again, bingo halls have recently added in bars and food to encourage the younger generation to also get involved with playing at bingo halls and it has turned out great so far with now many groups of young people also heading to bingo halls to have fun and a good time with friends or family members.