Cryptocurrency for Online Gambling

Casinos are a great way to enjoy your downtime, but traditional casinos do not cater for people who have a long journey to and fro, so their only option unless they are willing to drive, is online gambling. Online gambling offers the same set of games one would normally find in a casino but with the added bonus of being able to do it at home! This helps people who do not fancy driving for long periods of time to a place and then having to drive all the way down when they are tired.

When it comes to online gambling in America it can be quite challenging, because in America online gambling is not legal. If sites notice you have an American IP they most probably will not allow you to play, and if you start up a gambling site in the US you will receive a hefty fine. Congress recently removed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA for short, and this was done to protect the integrity of the sport, and in doing so this allowed different forms of betting, besides the traditional way, betting online betting has been made legal, and it is now down to the state’s decision on whether or not to allow it. Unfortunately, this is not the same for online casinos.

Online Gambling sites offer a wide range of games going from:

  • Poker
  • BlackJack
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • LiveBetting
  • Sportsbook

Always keep in mind that different sites offer different games, so make sure that depending on the game you wish to play the site has it. Ideally always go for the site that has most games, and never restrict yourself, you don’t know when you feel like a change and/or get bored of a certain game. The wider choice is the smarter choice.

Cryptocurrency as a method of payment

Currently, the best and most viable option for people who cannot gamble in their country have is gambling online via cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Cryptocurrency works with a decentralised method, meaning that the information is not stored in one place, but in a number of different places, in doing so it is very difficult to track the user, and thus making it possible for Americans to play online. Most offshore sites like Bovada cater for US citizens and require the users to convert their money into cryptocurrency, and then they can continue playing bitcoin poker. Since cryptocurrency is anonymous, it is also safer for users to use it, and US citizens can play freely without any worries.

Anonymity is the name of the game, if you live in a country/state that does not allow online gambling, cryptocurrency is the way to go with regards to being anonymous and therefore staying safe.

Final Words

Cryptocurrency made online gambling easier, and safer for people living in certain countries. This has opened the way for US citizens to bet on offshore sites without any hesitation due to the decentralisation of currencies such as bitcoin. It being anonymous, and no personal information can be found through the transaction done with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, being anonymous is made easy. It is good to mention, that this is your money which you will be putting on the line, so it is always best to trust your own decision, when it comes to picking a site or if you even wish to convert to cryptocurrency, no one is earning your money so always be sure of your own decision and trust it.