Our secret guide to casino winnings and slots bonuses

 No question, there are tons of popular slots where some players have suffered both wins and losses

In the end, the situation is similar with losses. Like a juicy win, a minus series entices you to simply no longer follow the strategy and the original plan, and instead try another strategy based on your gut feeling. According to the motto “It can’t be worse anyway, maybe something else works or the strategy of my teammate”.

This change is deceptive because it can make you switch shortly before a profit wave and try concepts with which you have little or no experience. Trying this out in times of stress and in a bad situation can have fatal consequences. Therefore, no matter whether it is Book of Ra casino tips, for example from Quasar Gaming or simply classic poker, you should never switch to a new strategy in the middle of the game without first having dealt with it.

It makes more sense to simply accept the loss. That sounds tough because this loss may eat up hard-won profits, but it’s necessary to keep a cool head.

No matter how you deal with it, whether you remember that it’s just a game or use a different tactic, you ultimately just have to see and accept losses as part of the deal. If you do not succeed, it will inevitably lead to the idea of ​​starting countermeasures and you will be able to get out of the concept and the original plan – a profit killer.

Note selection of games

There are many different types of games, each with different requirements. Therefore, you should find out in advance which game is best suited for which type.Players can claim bonus offers. One should not forget to take advantage of online casino bonus offers when registering and while playing. Well-known and unknown providers offer massive bonuses if you decide to play poker, roulette, slot machines and other games of chance on their platforms. It is advisable to find comparison pages for the bonus amount and the bonus conditions.

There are also casino machine tips and tricks that such sites often offer for beginners as well. Incidentally, the provider was able to convince in the test with fair bonus conditions.

Keep an eye on your budget

Casino tips for beginners and comparisons of the individual bonuses can be found on this website. However, even without comparison, the rule of thumb can be stipulated that you should save profits and accept losses, no matter how uncomfortable or tempting it is at the moment.  UK casino slots tips and tricks can be found on this website and the two basic rules of money management should be kept in mind before every game at digital gaming providers. Then you have the best chance to play the way most players want it, namely without loss.


Here are our casino game tips for extra profitable gambling

Even though there is no concrete way to win casino games, you can still use different strategies and rules to improve your chances of winning. It’s important to develop betting strategies for all kinds of games from slot machines to blackjack, and we’ve put together a number of tips to help you with that. No matter what type of game you prefer, check out the tips below that can help you win.


You have a number of ways to improve your chances of baccarat. For example, many people recommend avoiding the tie bet because of their house edge and instead betting on the bench, which is usually the best alternative. Read our baccarat tips and find out clearly why you can benefit from it and many other tricks.

Video poker

Even though video poker is mostly a game of chance, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. It is e.g. almost always better to play the maximum number of coins as this will significantly increase your payouts for a small additional bet. It is also important that you read the strategies for your particular game to understand how they interact with payment terms. Read our video poker tips to learn. If you are looking for the best place to play slots, then you should consider not only the credibility of the online casino but also the functionality of a slot game and its software in general. CasinoTopsOnline.com recommends the best casinos where you can play slots and feel completely safe. All websites have been carefully tested and rated by us. Untrustworthy casinos never made it onto our website.

Play responsibly – we wish you lots of fun and success!


The fact that this is a rather complicated casino game is the most important craps tip that you really understand all bets. Once you’re familiar with the game, you can consider other tips, such as the fact that the pass line bet is the best come-out bet because of its house edge. There are countless craps tips to consider, so leave them all before starting the game.


A very simple strategy in roulette is to cover the wheel as broadly as possible with a minimum bet, while avoiding low-profit bets. To do this, however, you need to understand all existing betting variants and how they work together. There are a number of betting systems, tips and tricks to help you with this. Therefore, familiarize yourself with them before you sit down at the table.


Ultimately, blackjack is a statistical game, and it can reduce the house edge and improve your chances of winning. In some situations it is better to “hit” or “stand” and sometimes it is beneficial to split (“split”) or not to split (“not split”). This may seem daunting at first, but our blackjack tips will help you make the right decision at all times.

Slot machines

Many people believe that there is no strategy for slot machines, but this is a big mistake. In many games e.g. all bonus functions are triggered by scatter symbols, so that their triggering chance is independent of the number of active paylines. There are many small details of this type to consider that can help you tremendously to increase your earnings.

Slot games are very popular in all online casinos and are by far the most popular genre. Here you can read more about our currently best ten slot games that you should definitely try out. These were closely examined by our team of slots experts. There are some classics, but also new slot machines that have been especially imaginatively designed.

If you’re a beginner at online slots or just want to play some free spins to find the best slot machines for online casinos, you can read the  reviews of the best games on the market  from us . Choose the most exciting slot games with the biggest jackpots, free spins, 3D animations and great bonus rounds.

It has never been so easy to find the best slot games and the most reliable online casino. We have more than ten years of experience with online casinos. So we have the expertise you may have been looking for. With so many slots to choose from, you’re sure to need a little help to find the best online slot casinos. We’d love to share our knowledge with you and help you find your favorite personal slot machines.

The most played slot games:

In this list we show you the most popular and therefore the most played slot games. The list has been adjusted for themed seasonal games, such as those that are preferred for Christmas or Halloween. You can play all slot games in our try out for free Spinroom  and play until you are sure that you want to play these slot machines with real money. You can usually find these games in all of our top casinos. Now see which games are particularly popular with players in Germany:

If you have chosen a casino, first check whether the casino games you are looking for are also offered there. If you are looking for a slot machine recommended here, we recommend ours TOP 10 casinos. In addition, you should also pay attention to the current bonuses and promotions that are especially offered for slots fans. In addition, you should keep an eye on quality standards, such as customer service with live chat & email and fast processing of payments. You can find fast-paying casinos, for example here!

Once you’ve found a casino with such advantages, you can look forward to safe and entertaining online gambling. You will find all the necessary tips and information on our website . In addition, we only present checked casinos that have been confirmed as safe and reliable.

Although the selection of slot games is growing, you should know that the Manufacturer of the casino software can make a big difference. Of course, this applies not only to the individual slot games, but also to the casinos themselves.

Types of slot games

In slot games , we differentiate between different types of slot machines. For example, 3D / video slots slot games have particularly sophisticated graphics and many exciting features. They can almost look like a Playstation game. If this seems too complicated, we recommend the classic slot . In this context, “classic” does not necessarily mean “old”, because classic slots are still being developed today. Classic slot games have less frills, but are easy to use, have easy-to-understand rules and consist of the classic 3-5 reels. We also have the fruit slots with many colorful fruit symbols, which are usually also classified in the classic category.

Progressive jackpots

The progressive jackpot slot machines are very popular . These slot games are particularly attractive because the jackpots that can be won can reach very high sums. Several million euros can be achieved with one turn and a lot of luck! Winning such a jackpot can change your whole life. Each year, several players become new millionaires only by winning a progressive jackpot slot.

The beauty of slot games

Anyone who has played in a land-based casino will appreciate the atmosphere of these casinos. Online casinos have a lot of advantages over land-based casinos. As for the atmosphere, though, it’s hard to keep up with high-resolution graphics and great sounds. Because the slot machines in land-based casinos have sharp, sharp displays, real buttons and buttons that can be pressed on the machine and, in addition, wonderful lighting effects outside the displays. In addition, they usually offer a holder for drinks and a comfortable chair and are arranged side by side, so that you can not only socialize with other players, but also enjoy a well-kept game.

On the other hand, if you play slot machines at home, you of course have the opportunity to play in an environment that exactly meets your requirements. Would you like to lie down? No problem. Would you like to save on drinks? No problem. Do you prefer to play in panties? Feel welcome. In short: you are the boss at home and of course that also creates a certain charm.

Fun with slot machines

You can have fun with slot machines without having to learn the rules or find out the best strategies. Slot machines are games of chance that basically work completely automatically. If you want, you can set the slot machine to automatic play and just sit there. If you are more of a superstitious player, you can also trigger each round manually. What cannot be assigned by hand are the stories that slot machines tell. No matter what you are a fan of, you will surely find a slot machine that deals with the relevant topic: Egypt, animals, fairy tales – even rock bands and films or series can be found in the world of slot machines.

Slot machines are a fantastic pastime and provide fun and extreme slot games excitement, especially when betting money . If you have never played on a slot machine before, it may be worth trying a few rounds. The great thing about the online world is that you don’t even have to use money. Stop by the spin room and play the best slot machines for free. This way you get to know how it works and can win play money. And if you have found one that particularly appeals to you, you can also register directly in an online casino and play for real money there. Great welcome bonuses await you.