Deck Of Cards: Marked Playing Cards Explained!

Have you asked yourself where do a deck of cards comes from? What is the meaning behind these cards? What is Marked Deck of Cards? These are among the raised questions that have tons of available answers online. However, some of the answers differ from each other, so which one is right? Did you know that deck of cards is more than just playing fun games? There is a meaning behind the deck of cards and it is quite fascinating to learn. From the construction of these playing cards to the meaning of the symbols, the deck of playing cards is so much interesting. The deck of cards is consists of 52 cards. All have specific symbols that are printed upon them. Each front of the card has specific markings determining the name and its use. The back surface of the face of the card is decorated with different designs and colors.

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The definition of marked cards

Marked cards are playing cards with a print of the same value on the front face. However, the value printed on the back surface of the card will not be easily noticeable. The value will be printed at the back, which is visible but not noticeable. It is the reason why they called marked cards the cheating cards. These are available in several designs at the back surface of the deck of cards, check There are two ways of marked cards: luminous ink and mark your cards. Some of the marked cards are professional cards from the magician supplier. These cards are professionally marked by a luminous ink printer. Marking own cards may get tedious. It can save money, especially for those who can’t afford of buying luminous ink.

Marked cards vs. marking cards

Marking cards may be a difficult option when money is concerned. When buying marked cards, it might cost you but it cost less. Why? You are buying a finished marked card, which is ready to use. But, when you are marking cards on your own using luminous ink, it can be very expensive. To add a symbol, number, letter, would be custom to the users’ needs. But, when you choose this kind of option, marking cards, it is time-related and needs more experience. Did you know that painting one deck of cards costs around 4-6 hours? Of course, if it is your first time to paint on a deck, it will probably be messy. The process would not be simple and it takes hours. You need to spend much time to learn how the perfection process is done. Two effective products can be used: luminous ink UV and luminous ink kit.

In a conclusion, buying marked cards is a better decision that you can make. It is most beneficial although it is an expensive option. But, if you go for marking cards, it is much costlier soon. You will be buying again and marking the cards again, plus it would take so much time to complete. Now, it is a better decision to go for the marked cards, the fact that it is ready to use, it has a perfect finish.